Creating spaces that work!



White Door Designs is an interior design practice based in Bangalore.

We absorb our customer’s views, walk in their shoes, draw inspiration from their story, imbibe the essence of their space and intricately weave it all together into a unique narrative.

We work towards turning even the most whimsical ideas into solutions and seamlessly lend form to function, when designing homes and work spaces for our discerning customers.

Our design ethos lies in a fierce sense of commitment, attention to detail and a signature benchmark in quality.

Our ability to establish excellent personal rapport and consistently interpret our client’s vision has resulted in referrals and repeat clientele, which is a testament to our work.

White Door Designs is a venture of the proprietorial firm, V-idea, owned and managed by interior designer/ finance professional Vidhya Achu Roy (

Our Inspiration

He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth ~ Johann Goethe

This simple yet powerful truth ceaselessly draws and drives us.

Draws us to look around and be moved by the everyday mundane.

Drives us to explore and envision diverse elements, materials, textures and experiences to make a complete whole.

We believe that design is a subset of a universal eco-system and must be experienced in its contextual environment to make a
meaningful and sustainable difference.

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